High School Visual Arts



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Flanagan


Website: http://colleenflanaganart.weebly.com


I believe that art is about connection. It connects us to ourselves and allows us to empathize with one another as we explore the complex issues of what it means to be human. Art is not only about refining technical skills, but is also about developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. It strengthens our powers of observation. It prepares us to be innovators. In my classes, students will learn these important skills. They will learn to interpret visual culture- the images that transmit the codes, knowledge, language, and values- that is so prevelent in today's society. Students will begin to see art as a tool that can be used to make connections to ourselves, to each other, and our world.

I am a graduate of the Masters of the Art of Teaching program at the School of the Museum of Fine Art/Tufts University. I recieved my B.A. in Alternative Education from Goddard College. I grew up in the greater Hartford area of Connecticut and then spent over 20 years in central Vermont. I have lived in the North Shore now since 2018.