The traffic in and around our school is challenging and ample time should be allowed for student drop off and pick up.  All families choosing to pick their child up by car must use the traffic loop. Our protocols are very specific so please carefully review all elements below, be patient, and keep safety in mind at all times!

    • Curbside drop off of students occurs exclusively in the traffic loop outside the Gorman Fort Banks School front door.  This is considered a live drop off area and parking or exiting the vehicle for any reason is strictly prohibited
    • School staff and parent volunteers help accelerate the flow of traffic and will be present in the loop to assist students in exiting vehicles safely and ensure they walk to the front door of the building. 
    • Once in the loop, please pull up to the vehicle in front of you and as far down the loop as directed.  DO NOT stop to allow your child to exit the vehicle at a location of your choosing.
    • DO NOT wait in the loop to watch your child.  This prolongs congestion and is not necessary.  When your child has been assisted out of the vehicle, it is expected you will exit the loop immediately.


    • There is no parking on the sidewalk side of the loop or along the perimeter of the loop on Kennedy Drive itself.  The loop is a live-drop off/pick-up area only and as such cars continuously circle this area picking up children as they come out.  Blocking any perimeter of or access to the loop is strictly prohibited.
    • At dismissal, your child will be accompanied by his/her teachers and walked outside the front door and to a classroom-designated area on the sidewalk of the traffic loop.
    • Staff will be present to assist the flow of traffic in the loop to make this process as efficient as possible.  Follow staff directions and proceed down the loop as far as directed which may not be in front of your child’s class.  If you child’s class has yet to arrive, you will be instructed to continue to circle the loop until your student has arrived.
    • Staff members will take your child from their classroom loop spot, walk them down the loop to your vehicle, and assist students in getting into the vehicle safely.  Once your student is in your vehicle, it is expected you will exit the loop immediately.


    • Use and place the teacher name sign (which will be provided to you) in a visible area on the dashboard/windshield of your vehicle.
    • Say good-bye to your child giving all last minute reminders prior to your child leaving the vehicle.
    • Try to have car seats for students positioned on the passenger side of the vehicle to assist in student safety.
    • Give your undivided and undistracted attention to the traffic loop.  Tiny distractions can result in huge disaster.

    DO NOT…

    • Leave your vehicle when it is in the loop at any time or for any reason.
    • Attempt to conference with staff or friends during loop dismissal.
    • Pre-occupy yourself with the cell phone when in the traffic loop.


    • For the safety of all, cars parked in the loop parking spaces will not be allowed to back out of the loop parking spaces during dismissal time.
    • Failure to adhere to the above may result in loss of loop dismissal for your student.
    • Please remember kindergarten student hours are 8:05 a.m.-2:25 p.m. and grade 1 and 2 student hours are 7:40 a.m.-2:00 p.m.  In order to assist with dismissal and traffic congestion, K families using the loop at dismissal should not come to school before 2:20 as the right turn lane will be reserved for 1st and 2nd grade families.  Any K vehicle in the right lane prior to 2:20 will be instructed to move from that lane so we can allow 1st and 2nd grade families to get their students who are waiting in the loop.  Please be sure to communicate this to any driver you might designate. 
    This is where we dismiss students so you can never
    leave your car parked and unattended or ELSE!
     If you park here you can 
    NOT back out during dismissal time.
    You may 
    never park in the loop area  or on the perimeter of the loop on Kennedy Drive
    Notice: far right lane is for right turn into the loop only!  YOU CAN’T PARK HERE!! EVER!!!

         K families:  cannot use the right lane before 2:20.
    Hoping to take a left into the loop from the cemetery? NO WAY!!