Winthrop Public Schools
    Title I Program
    Julie Fotiades, Title I Coordinator
    617-846-5509 X1110
    Student Selection Policy
    The William P. Gorman Fort Banks Elementary School, the Arthur T. Cummings Elementary School and the Winthrop Middle School are considered targeted assistance schools under the federal Title I program. Students are selected to receive supplemental Title I services according to student selection criteria (multiple, objective academic criteria) and policies established by the school district. Under Title I regulations, the Title I program must service the students showing the most academic need identified by the student selection process. All students (including students serviced under ELL and IDEA mandates) are given equal consideration when determining eligibility for services and the same student selection process is used. In keeping with these requirements, we have established a selection process that places our student on a priority list according to academic need. This process uses the research based DIBELS Next (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) Assessment, formal testing and classroom teacher assessment. The assessments are conducted by classroom teachers, specialists and Title I staff. The students scores are documented on a criteria sheet which gives a total score for all assessments. The scores are then rank-ordered for student selection.
    The students with the most need have been identified they are placed in a support program according to their needs. Classroom teachers are informed of this process and are aware of the importance of the selection process and subsequent grouping. 
    Parents and guardians are also informed of this process in writing and at the annual parent outreach meeting.