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    Title I Program
    Julie Fotiades, Title I Coordinator
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    Supplement Not Supplant Policy
    It is the practice of the Winthrop Public School District that funds designated for Title I services are to be utilized only to supplement the regular education program.
    Title I funds are not permitted to be used for anything other than supplemental services for Title I identified students. Funds from the Title I grant are not to be used to supplant services that are already provided or should be provided by Winthrop Public Schools.
    The Superintendent of Schools and the Title I Coordinator will ensure that the Title I money is spent only at the following targeted assistance schools: the William P. Gorman Fort Banks Elementary School, the Arthur T. Cummings Elementary School and the Winthrop Middle School.
    At the school level, the building principal and the Title I Coordinator will ensure that the Title I teachers provide supplemental services only to students who have been identified as eligible for Title I services by multiple criteria. At no time are the Title I teachers at the targeted assistance school used to supplant services that are and/or should be provided by the Winthrop Public School District.
    This policy is shared with all staff at the targeted assistance schools.
    John Macero                                                Julie Fotiades
    Superintendent of Schools                             Title I Coordinator
    Ilene G. Pearson                                           Bobbie Finocchio
    Principal                                                       Principal
    William P. Gorman Fort Banks School            Arthur T. Cummings School
    Martha Kelleher
    Winthrop Middle School