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2019-2020 Transportation Information


Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,


I am writing to remind you that the Winthrop Public School’s does not offer a fee-based School Bus Transportation service to students in grades K-12. There will be School Bus service only for students in grades K-6 who reside beyond 2 miles from the school in which they are attending. Eligibility is determined by the Transportation Coordinator using MapQuest.


We will be contacting all parents/guardians of students who are eligible for this service directly to provide them with the information necessary to register for the service and understand the pickup and drop off locations located on Point Shirley.


The Town of Winthrop does have a local MBTA bus service that is available to all students and adults and has several pick-up locations throughout the community as well as drop off locations close to all of our schools. Attached to this letter, please find the links to the local MBTA bus schedules and routes for bus 713 & 714. Winthrop Public Schools has enrolled in the MBTA Student Pass Program and can provide students in the Middle and High School schools with a Charlie S-Card that will allow them to access the local MBTA at a reduced student fee of $0.85 per ride. Charlie S-Card cards can be obtained for students attending Middle and High School by contacting the secretary in the Main office of either WMS or WHS.


If you have questions or concerns regarding this information please reach out to our Transportation Coordinator, Ms. Diane Abbott at



Lisa A. Howard

Lisa A. Howard/Superintendent of Schools